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Frequently Asked Questions



Do your snacks contain GMOs?

All of our snacks use non-GMO ingredients. We are Non-GMO Project Verified for Monkey Love, Berry'd Treasure, Coco'nilla Crunch, and Cinn-sational. We are still working to verify our remaining snacks and will add the seal to our packages once we complete that process!

We are passionate about keeping our food sources clean, and you can learn more about the Non GMO Project here.

Are all snacks vegan?

All of our snacks are 100% vegan!

Are all snacks gluten free?

All of our snacks are certified Gluten-free and display the GF symbol on the back of our packaging.

Do the snacks contain peanuts/tree-nuts?

At this time, our snacks are not certified peanut or tree-nut free. Our facilities are not certified, but they all use “Good Manufacturing Practices” to prevent cross-contamination. For someone who is severely allergic, we cannot guarantee there won’t be trace amounts of peanuts or tree-nuts.

We recommend not serving our snacks to anyone with peanut or tree nut allergies until we can certify our facilities.

Do you use only all-natural ingredients?

Yes! Our ingredients are 100% natural.

How much sugar is there in each snack?

None of our snacks contain more than 10g of sugar, whether added or naturally occurring. The following snacks contain absolutely no sugar:

Holy Habanero

Just Chillin'

Mr. Popular

Are your snacks Kosher?

Yes, we are certified Kosher with the Orthodox Union (OU).



Why do you sell through amazon?

Amazon offers our customers a terrific experience. With a variety of shipping options and access to AmazonPrime, you can get your snacks faster than ever!

I'm a Prime member. Can I get free two-day shipping?

Yes! All of our products are available for Prime members and free expedited shipping.

How can I find your snacks on Amazon?

We made it easy. Our product pages contain all the product details and offer a link to purchase on Amazon with the "BUY ONLINE" button

Why can't I use Amazon's subscribe and save feature for your snacks?

We're working to get this feature enabled. Amazon requires that we have a certain amount of selling history in order to enable it. We will make an announcement once this feature has been made available.




I’m interested in partnering with Nourish Snacks for a brand collaboration. Who do I talk to?

We’re always looking for like-minded brands to collaborate with. Please e-mail jenv@nourishsnacks.com with your company information and ideas.

I’m a blogger or online influencer and I want to feature Nourish Snacks. Who should I contact?

We often collaborate with online influencers and love hearing your creative ideas. Email jenv@nourishsnacks.com about how you would like to partner with Nourish Snacks.

I am interested in getting Nourish Snacks donated to my event or organization. What is the process for that?

We love donating snacks to charitable events whenever possible. Please email info@nourishsnacks.com with your event request, date, number of guests, and event type. We will let you know if we are able to accommodate the request.


Have any questions about your account? Give us a call at 844-466-8747 x1 or email us at info@nourishsnacks.com

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